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Waumandee State Bank
Golden Rewards Club

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The Golden Rewards Club was formed in 2006 for the benefit of our 50 plus customers. With no annual membership fee, the Golden Rewards Club offers seminars and trips throughout the year in addition to certain benefits to qualifying customers.

Member Benefits Include:

  1. One box of checks free per year (Specialty Yellow with “Golden Rewards Club” by-line). Custom checks available at a reduced cost to customer. Free image statements available with a $900.00 minimum balance in checking.
  2. E-Statements
  3. Debit Cards
  4. Free Notary Service
  5. 15 Free copies per month
  6. Seminars on various topics (Estate Planning, Investments, Identity Theft)
  7. Exciting trips pre-planned and organized for your convenience

Membership Requirements Include:

  1. Must be a Waumandee State Bank customer.
  2. Must be 50 years or older (You or your spouse)
  3. Must have a $2500.00 deposit relationship (Certificate of Deposit, Money Market, Checking or Savings account) with Waumandee State Bank.

Pre-planned Trips:

  1. Members and Non-Members are required to pay for or make a specified deposit for the trip at the time of sign-up.                                       


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