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 Text Banking

Messenger will notify you of activity or information on your account.  Notification can be in the form of an email, text message or online message. You do not need to sign up for Mobile Banking to participate in this product through Waumandee State Bank.   Standard text message fees will apply through your cell phone carrier.  To access Messenger you will need to:

1.       Log into Online Banking
2.       In line that says "Welcome [Customer Name]. You have [0] unread
          and [0] read messages." Click one of the [0].
3.       Select Account type you want the message set up for.
4.       Click "Setup New Alert"
5.       Select the type of message you want to receive by 
          using the drop down box.  Balance Below or Above will
          work when there is account activity.  If an account
          does not have activity the message will not process.
          Check Clear will work when the specified check
          number clears. For daily balances select LEDGER BALANCE-SHORT TEXT.
          Click next.
6.       Select the Account Number from the drop down
7.       Fill in the Above/Below/Check Number (if this type of
          message is chosen)
8.       If you select Online Message Box, a message will be
          sent to your online banking. To retrieve this message
          you will select the Message hyperlink.
9.       If you select E-mail a message will be produced and
          sent to the specified email address.
10.      If you would like to receive a text message you will  
          need to select E-mail.  A text message uses a SMS
          (short message service) address which is like an email
          address.  Each cell phone carrier has a unique SMS.

US Cellular 

   For example if your cell phone number is 123456789
   and your cell phone carrier is US Cellular the address
                  entered into the email field will be:

11.   Click Finish
12.   Your message will be generated after an overnight
13.   If you would like to delete a message, you can by
        selecting the hyperlink for DDA or SAV and follow the
14.   If you need further assistance please email us at Or you may contact any of
        our offices for assistance. 


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