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Christmas Club Account

Waumandee State Bank offers a Christmas Club Account to help you save throughout the year for Christmas.

There is no minimum to open this account and you can deposit up to $500.00 each month for a total of $6000.00 beginning November 1st of each year. Waumandee State Bank offers the convenience of automatically transferring funds from one of your other accounts to the Christmas Club Account monthly at no cost to you. You may not make any transfers from this account to another account of yours or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic, or telephone transfer or similiar order to third parties. If any withdrawal is made from this account before maturity* then this account will be closed.

Waumandee State Bank offers a very competitive interest rate* on the Christmas Club Account.

* Interest will not be compounded. Interest will be credited to this account on the third Friday of October. A check will be issued or a transfer can be
   made to one of your other Waumandee State Bank accounts, for the balance in the Christmas Club account. 

* All interest is forfeited if any withdrawals are made from the account during the year.

* Rates subject to change

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